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Being fit to race is important, but being fit to prevent injury and take the odd crash here and there is integral for you to perform at your best.


The most fundamental goal of a strength and conditioning program is to improve athletic performance and reduce injury. This is something James not only preaches but also practices and trains for. First and foremost he is a mountain biker, he has raced, trained hard and come back from injury. This has given him the knowledge of what a strength and conditioning program should look like for a mountain biker.


At High Rise Coaching we will create a strength & conditioning program that not only meets the demands of MTB, but also fits around your life.

Our strength and conditioning programs use exercises that best fit the demands of MTB, your goals, and equipment & time available to you. We will conduct a needs analysis and strength tests with you to ensure the program is bespoke to you.


You will receive a detailed plan outlining:


Exercises type |  Resistance training frequency | Training load and repetitions |  Volume 


As you improve, the program will be reviewed and adapted to ensure progression. All these components, coupled with frequent updates and catch-ups with James, will help you become a stronger and more powerful rider.  


Training packages start from £30 per month, plus an initial set up fee.

For more information drop James an email at james@highrisecoaching.co.uk

High Rise Coaching offers skills coaching for individuals and groups, tailored performance plans that are specific to your chosen discipline and strength and conditioning programmes.  We are rider focused and are more than happy to discuss what works best for you.  We can combine our packages to ensure you have the skills, are bike fit and strong enough to tackle any trail. Drop us an EMAIL to discuss your needs.      

At High Rise we are able to customise our skills training to suit all levels of riders, delivering sessions underpinned by our knowledge and experience of mountain bike riding techniques and analysis.  


Our approach is progressive, dynamic and friendly and will focus on achieving your riding goals.


Our coaching expertise will ensure you are able to make improvements with a wide range of mountain bike techniques allowing you to get out and 'shred' your chosen trail.


Here are some of the techniques we coach:

Pumping | Front wheel lifts | Drop offs | Line choice | Track stands | Climbing |

Technical climbs | Descending |  Technical descents | DH and mass starts | Effective braking

We are flexible in our approach and delivery, offering One to One coaching.  This enables you to get the maximum input when it comes to improving your technique.  Group coaching is also available and allows you to learn with other riders with similar goals.  As well as adults we have extensive experience of working with groups of young riders.


Our training, riding and coaching experience allows us to break down techniques into their constituent parts and provide you with the feedback you need using various methods including video analysis.


If you are interested in skills training in and around London & the South East please get in touch to discuss your needs and tailor your session.

Pricing is available on request, based on your needs. Drop us a line.



Strength & Conditioning

What size wheels will make me faster?  What power meter will give me the best results? What shorts will make me quicker?  These are just some of the questions we get asked at 'High Rise'.

Our answer?.......... “it’s down to the individual”. We're not talking about individual preferences, but YOU and what works for YOU.


At 'High Rise' we start by building a Profile for each  rider we work with; asking questions such as:

What on-bike training are you doing?  Have you set yourself any goals for the season head?  Have you identified your strengths and weaknesses?  What time do you have available to train?

We start at the beginning, building a strong understanding of what you want to achieve and develop a performance plan that is rider focused.  


Our performance coaching services are designed to suit your needs, goals and mountain bike disciple.  We predominanlty work with Down Hill and Gravity Enduro Riders although we are happy to work with riders from other disciplines too.


Downloading a block of training plans from the internet is not always flexible and specific to a riders needs.  As performance coaches it is our role to set and adapt your training to respond to your goals, needs, and life changes.  At 'High Rise' we achieve this through building a professional and confidential working relation with all of our riders maintaining regular contact.


Wether starting your racing career or a seasoned racer chasing championship points why not seek the support of a 'High Rise' coach.